Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

More Fun in the Philippines

It is now quite a long time ago, but I think very often about this exciting stay in the Philippines. To share a part of this experience, I want to post some funny memory pictures. The current tourism campaign in the Philippines is promoting with the slogan: “More fun in the Philippines”. I take this slogan as an incentive to summarize some of my personal experiences that definitely made more fun in the Philippines… ;)

1.) Strangers become Friends

[Story behind the picture: On Siquijor Island my family and I were invited to a family reunion lunch: "Lechon" /Sucking pig on the beach. This is one example of Philippine hospitability! Many thanks to Radi Patoc and Family :)]

2.) Commuting like Locals

[Whether Trycicle or Jeepney, it´s always fun!!! :)]

3.) Give a smile, get many smiles back

[I never saw so many people smiling before.]

4.) Sunrise on Christmas Eve on the Sea

[What could be better to start this day?]

5.) Run for Freedom at 5.30 in the Morning

[Doing outdoor sports in the Philippines is feasible, even fun for a good cause!] 

6.) Saying Hello to Nemo and Friends

[This colorful and species-rich underwater world is just amazing.]

7.) Holidays with Homies far from Home

[Splitting joy, experience and memory, does only double it.]

8.) Reach the Finish after 10 Hours Bus-by-Night-Trip

[It was not a comfortable ride, but the place was worth it.]

9.) Flying like a Vampire [for my TV Production Class]

[Thanks to Alina and Cathy for this Antigravity Yoga session.]

10.) Find a desert island

[You won´t find it anywhere else...]

PS: Special thanks to my Pinoy Friends who made my stay unique and unforgettable. I will never forget the joy, hospitality, helpfulness and kindness of every Filipino. I miss you! 

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